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The fastest and easiest way for customers to get a price quote, place an order, or ask for product information or availability.

Generate qualified sales leads and increase revenue from new and existing customers through quote requests on materials for their next project.

"Request a Quote" gives you a head start on the sales process and helps build a connection with the customer, leading to fulfillment of a potential order.

The simple to use online form also allows customers to inquire about item availability, request additional product information, or ask for help determining the amount of materials needed for the job. 

You select the option to offer customers a "quote" form and/or an "order" form.

Managing Online Quote Requests

Within our Content Management System (CMS), you can designate quote requests to be routed via email to one or more staff members and to specific store locations. This refinement greatly helps expedite the quote request process.

Learn More About Customers

Your quote request form can be customized to include specific questions that will help capture lead information for marketing, sales, and customer service efforts.

For example, questions such as:  "How did you hear about us?" or "What is your purchasing timeframe?", can make a world of a difference for your sales and marketing team.

Custom Response Message
Upon submission of the form, the customer receives an automated email indicating when they should expect a response to their quote/order request.

The confirmation is a fully customized message, that can include; a response time that works best for your business, and even invite customers to provide additional project details and drawings as an attachment in a separate email.


Available Anywhere & Anytime

Customers can request a quote/order on any day at any hour.

Request a Quote is included in the eShowroom product.

Lumber Quote

NEW! Lumber Quote Request Form

Specifically created to display your complete stock lumber list, with SKUs, and allow customers to indicate the quantity of material needed for their next project.


The lumber quote request form is designed to be user-friendly for contractors and homeowners alike, providing a significant time savings for your staff to convert requests into orders or quote responses.

It's easy to get your lumber information implemented into the online quote form. We provide an Excel template and all you have to do is add the data.


The lumber quote request form includes all the great customized features of our general "Request a Quote" product.

Additional fee applies for this premium feature.

CLICK HERE to see a sample email that you'll receive when customers submit a quote request.

Lumber Quote Request

Since our customers are selecting from stock item SKUs, we can drop the information directly into our system to create the quote or order in no time. Our request for quotes has increased since implementation and most importantly, we are able to make the sale more often.

Jahez Salahuddin,
Crosslin Building Supply

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