Working with LBM Retailers

for over 25 years

The Remodeling News Story

It all started with a magazine over 25 years ago. Founder and CEO Jim Duffy, envisioned the magazine as a resource to help companies connect at a time when working together was still in its infancy. Remodeling News produced helpful articles on a regular basis devoted to the lumber and building materials industry. During that time, great relationships were formed as is always the case, change was on the way.


With the internet growing in usage and magazine readership waning, the team at Remodeling News saw an opportunity to pivot away from traditional print to digital products. The eShowroom digital platform was launched and for the first time, local, independent dealers could provide their customers online information about their product offerings.


Since those early days, the platform has grown and dealers now have access to the industry's most complete and up-to-date system for showcasing their in-store products.


In 2013, Remodeling News began implementing "responsive technology" enabling customers to access information from all their electronic devices. Remodeling News partnered with Groundwork, an innovative design and development company, to build a new website platform that complimented their existing eShowroom on-line catalog for the lumber and building materials industry. Remodeling News "LBM Digital Platforms" was born.


With over 100 years of industry experience, the team at Remodeling News "LBM Digital Platforms"  is excited to partner with the next generation of lumber and building material retailers.