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Increase the profitability of your web presence with a Bargain Bin

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Quickly liquidate closeouts, returns, mistakes, slightly damaged and discontinued items. 


Bargain Bin is a web-based module designed to help you increase revenue and reduce the excess inventory that clutters your shelves and stock room.

The easy-to-use tool allows you to remotely upload and organize images, descriptions and prices, right from a laptop or mobile device.

Maximize your valuable space for in-demand items to maintain sales levels and profits by adding a Bargain Bin to your eShowroom or website today! 

*A small additional fee applies for this feature.

Bargain Bin Features 

  • Sell items through your website, eShowroom, Facebook, Craig’s List, & more

  • Automated customer request system

  • Remotely print sales sheets

  • Full accountability and transparency of sale items

  • Historical sales data

  • Integrates into your eShowroom or your website

  • Easy to set up – Easy to manage

For an online demonstration to see just how easy it is to set up and manage, contact Don Smith at or 201-389-3838 x102

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