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Quickly liquidate closeouts, returns, mistakes, slightly damaged and discontinued items with Bargain Bin. 

Our online Bargain Bin is designed to help you increase revenue by reducing the excess inventory that clutters your shelves, stock room and sales floor.

This easy-to-use tool enables you to remotely upload and organize images, descriptions and prices, from a laptop or mobile device. You can also quickly "share" listed items directly to your Facebook page.

Bargain Bin is a great solution to effectively maximize your valuable store space for in-demand items and maintain your sales levels and profits by quickly liquidating difficult-to-sell products.


Give your customers a great opportunity to get the products they need, offered at a discounted price, by adding a Bargain Bin to your eShowroom or website today!


  • Sell items through your website, eShowroom, Facebook, Craig’s List, & more

  • Automated customer request system

  • Remotely print sales sheets

  • Full accountability and transparency of sale items

  • Historical sales data tracking

  • Integrates seamlessly into your eShowroom or  current website

  • Customize the name to meet your needs (ie: “Featured Products”, “Sale Items”, “Overstock”)

  • Easy to set up – Easy to manage!

Additional fee applies for this premium feature.

Bargain Bin

A relatively new service they offer is the ‘Bargain Bin’ which you can customize yourself to promote closeout items. We’ve promoted this page on Facebook with very positive feedback.

Terrill Bartlett,
Bartlett's Lumber & Hardware

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