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Drive more sales by displaying all the products you sell right on your website using our "eShowroom" Product Guide.

The eShowroom is a customized searchable database that seamlessly integrates in-depth product information into your current website.


Easy To Update

Our user-friendly administration console allows you to quickly edit your product listings. With just the click of a mouse, you can add manufacturers (refine brands or product lines), delete products you no longer carry, and request us to create brochures not currently in our database.

Available Anywhere & Anytime

Customers can conveniently browse information on the products your sell from any device, at any hour or any day.

Up-To-Date Information

Our system performs daily crawls of manufacturer websites to ensure the content database contains the most current and accurate product information.

Sponsorship Opportunity
The eShowroom product guide qualifies for most manufacturer co-op advertising programs. Our specialists can guide you through the process of applying for co-op funds.

Traffic Reports

View and analyze eShowroom activity with  summarized (daily, weekly & monthly) usage, and visitor data measured by page views, visits, repeats, manufacturers, categories and brochures.

Marketing Promotions

Feature new products, monthly specials or in-store deals by adding a promotional banner to your eShowroom.


Request A Quote/Order

Generate qualified sales leads and increase revenue from customer quote requests.

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Bargain Bin

Increase revenue by reducing the excess inventory of closeouts, returns, mistakes, slightly damaged and discontinued items. 

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Resources Library

Provide your contractors, DIYers, and employees quick access to a large collection of product photos, videos, safety data sheets (SDS), installation manuals and more.

Buying Guides

Sell more products by helping consumers make educated decisions for their project needs.

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Premium Add-Ons

These products are designed to help you increase revenue.

Additional fee applies for these features.

** For demonstration purposes only. ** 


eShowroom is a great product that brings both broad and in-depth product info to a customer’s fingertips instantly.

Ray Angell,
L. Sweet Lumber Company

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