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How does your eShowroom affect SEO?

Remodeling News - LBM Digital Platforms - How does your eShowroom affect SEO?

Your "Search Engine Optimization" will benefit in many ways from having an eShowroom.

If you frame the eShowroom in your website, Google will index your eShowroom for all the content and give your URL (domain name) credit for the content. It is old news that frames and iframes will not positively affect your rankings with search engines. See Google Support to learn more.


You simply need to frame your content, so Google can read and understand that there is framed content on the page. We help you do that. The eShowroom contains thousands of key words and links to manufacturer pages and does get found by search engines. Many people will find your eShowroom on search engines before they find your website. In our experience, our customers get about 20-30% of eShowroom visitors through organic searches and find your eShowroom before finding your website. This is like having two websites out in the world wide web looking for customers. We use the analogy of fishing. Having two poles in the water is always better than one.


In addition, we provide a site map for Google in your eShowroom to help them. You also have a library of Buying Guides that you can use for newsletters, Blogs and social media content, all of which help your SEO.


Also, today's screen readers for the visually-impaired can read frames. We do our best to follow WCAG 2.0 guidelines to position and title, frames and content for ADA Compliance.

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